What’s Your Score?

Posted on April 21, 2014 by Tanya

Have you ever wondered what your score for organization is? Maybe you assume it is very low and don’t give yourself enough credit for what you actually can do well. Or, you think you are organized, but really you are missing some important events or forget to pay a bill or prepare for a meeting. All of these can cause you to lose sleep and money. In this economy, no one needs to be losing either.

Check out this webpage for the Productive Environment Scorecards. They are short and easy to complete. Find out what you may need some help with. Then search my blogs for an answer or email me. It may be a very simple “fix” that once implemented will help you tremendously.  Often we just need someone from the outside to look in and see our lives and activities more clearly.

Let me know how your score comes out and what you think about it. Be sure to complete the narrative question at the end, too! Thanks for taking the time to improve your productivity and reduce your stress so you can better enjoy your life!


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