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Posted on February 11, 2014 by Tanya

WeatherBug – FREE (or WeatherBug Elite – $1.99) – For an easy to install and simple to use source for weather, this is the best app I have used. It will automatically determine where you are and provide the forecast for the present time and the next couple of days. It is accurate and provides some additional weather-related interests like the UV rating, wind direction and humidity. There are options for a 7-Day Forecast, Lifestyle Forecasts (outdoor, golf, beauty, pollen…), interactive maps, pinpoint locations, and to add multiple locations. I travel to the same areas frequently, so I have those added in my list. This makes it easy to plan ahead!

The Weather Channel – FREE – This app has the same information as the WeatherBug app and is displayed in much the same way. It does have the option of emailing the forecast directly from your phone, following The Weather Channel Tweets, and an In Season screen. I like this for the tropical forecast given that I live on the coast. It also has an hourly, 36 Hour and 10 Day forecast easily accessible from the Home Screen.

Hurricane – FREE – This app offered by the American Red Cross focuses on your safety first and meteorology second. There are Real-time Alerts, information on what to do before, during and after a hurricane as well as how to plan ahead. There is a map to show Open Shelters in your area, news and access to other American Red Cross apps (First Aid, Earthquake, Wildfire).

 Weather+ -FREE – I found this one while researching for this blog post. What is really cool about this app is that the background video matches your current weather conditions. This app has what the others have plus, it has the option of adding as many cities/countries as you want or need. For those who are traveling a lot or traveling abroad, this app would be the best!

 UV Detector – FREE – I love this easy to use app to help determine the UV risk, especially during the summer when we are hanging at the beach. It provides a weekly report with a visual reference as well for how high the risk is. You can add cities from all over the world and set your UV threshold level.

These are just a few of the huge number of apps available for the Apple or Droid smartphones. Most of these have apps that are also compatible with your laptop, desktop or even your notebooks. The key is to try what interests you and then use it; don’t clutter up your phone with a lot of apps you don’t use. If you are not a weather buff, just have a free, basic app to easily access the weather where and how you need it.

Hope it’s always the perfect weather where you are!



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