The HAINES System™

Have you organized your important documents so others can locate them?

Most people do not want to talk about their financial or legal issues, but we all need to have these things in order. It is the best gift we can give others. Do you have your advance directives completed and safely stored? Are your papers organized in a way that others can easily intervene on your behalf if you are incapacitated or upon your death? Many older people have moved to Eastern NC for retirement and do not have family support close by, and may have memory issues that are worsened when overwhelmed by paperwork. This is where hiring a professional can relieve the stress. I can help collect and organize all important papers in a way that makes sense for you while also making it easy for someone else to find and use them when you are unable to yourself. Then, you can really Retire the worry, not your Life!

Do you have all your papers in order so that your loved ones are prepared to step in when you need them to?

Is all your information listed in just one place to make it easy on you and others?

If not…The HAINES System™ is a simple yet comprehensive way to guide you through the process of gathering, organizing and maintaining all important documents – personal (adoption or divorce papers, passport, education..),  household (phone bills, plumbing contacts, valuables…), legal (will, powers of attorney…), financial (tax returns, bank accounts, leases…), and medical (insurance, prescriptions…).

Take a look below and see how prepared you are to leave a lasting legacy for those you love!

The Haines System Graphic Image