The Flickering Light – The Power of the Light

Posted on March 8, 2016 by Tanya

As the light flickers in someone who is dying, those of us still living look for those days and moments when the light is strong – when the dying is present, vocal, involved, and responsive. The light in their eyes tells us they are still with us. It is the light that gives us hope that the inevitable will not happen after all. Or, at least, it is the light that gives us those last moments to engage with the dying. These are precious and priceless moments to treasure.

It is amazing how some people just seem to “know” their time is up. One lady who traveled frequently one day told her neighbor where her and her husband’s important documents were should anything happen to them. She had never done this in the past before multiple trips. This time, however, their plane crashed killing her, her husband, their daughter, their best friends and their daughter. Tragic? Absolutely. It was a devastating experience for all those who knew both families. But, why on this last trip did she tell her neighbor about her documents and not the many other trips? Did she have some idea that it would be necessary or did she also not have any idea why she felt compelled to do that on that occasion? We will never know.

Others begin to say and do things they never did when they were “well”. They suddenly begin to articulate and express their appreciation and gratitude, and even love for those around them. This is not a maudlin or dramatic thing so much as simply a few words shared that otherwise would never have been uttered. It offers peace to those who needed to hear them and maybe some release to those who are finally able to say them. Either way, they are words and actions the living treasure. They are memories we like to share with others to help deal with all the unknowns. At least we know where the dying stood.


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