The Flickering Light – The Power of the Light Part 2

Posted on March 17, 2016 by Tanya

As the light flickers out – whether it is gradual or sudden – it offers us all opportunities. For the living we can accept and hear things we longed to know from days past. It is a tremendous opportunity to ask questions about their childhood, when they first fell in love, how they found their first job, any war experiences, stories of pets they loved, places they lived and travelled to, and even what they want their legacy to be. For the dying, they can share these experiences with us and in a way that they could never have done before. Why this happens during the dying process and not during the living time is not a question for the mortal. But, it does often happen and when it does we must take it for all the glory and joy and peace it provides.

The power of the light – we have it in us to envelope this power, to harness it and to help us with the process. Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory stated, “Mourning the inevitable is a complete waste of time”. While intellectually this makes sense, emotionally it does not work. Even he, who by all standards has no social skills and lacks empathy, realized that when someone dies, those left behind need to grieve.


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