The Flickering Light – Healing When the Light Goes Out Part 2

Posted on April 13, 2016 by Tanya

Having a conversation about what happens in they dying process (when it is slow and not under sudden circumstances), or talking about end of life wishes is near about impossible to have with many people. We just don’t like to think about these things and we become uncomfortable with the topic. However, since we will all be there at some point, it is useless to not discuss. In fact, it is selfish to not be prepared. You only leave heart-wrenching decisions to those you love and they will forever second-guess their decisions.

When the light finally does flicker off and the person has died, it may be a shock and seem completely unreal. This is especially true for those who have witnessed a very long and slow dying process. It is amazing how suddenly you realize that you can no longer ask them a question or share a joke or sit with them. This is rather startling for quite a while.


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