Season of Sales

Posted on April 18, 2013 by Tanya

Sidewalk or Garage Sale Street EventAs we approach spring, many of us begin to get Spring Fever and are inspired to clean up and clean out. Our family is doing just that and truly moving toward a minimalistic lifestyle.  This means less to dust, less to move and less to keep track of. And this means better organization. Here are a few ideas to help you clean out drawers and closets and even whole rooms.

  • Gather all like items and sort as a group, i.e., t-shirts: separate short sleeve from long sleeve and then by color. Discard (donate or sell) duplicates or those you don’t wear.
  • Go through every drawer and closet – one at a time, a few each day.
  • Have one place to collect everything (for us it’s the garage) and store by item.
  • Take time to collect photos from around the house, recipes from different places, gather scrapbook materials…and store together, even if you do not do any more with them right now.

Some of the different items to consider looking at are:

  • t-shirts, socks, underwear, scarves, belts, shoes and bags
  • photos, recipes, books, magazines, bills, other papers
  • electronic items – DVDs, CDs, tapes, movies, chargers, wires
  • linens, towels, throw rugs, cloths for cleaning home and vehicles

Truly the best sorting comes in groups – groups of the items and groups of time. Don’t expect yourself to do it all at one time. If you have a few minutes, clean out a drawer. Make use of your time by maximizing it and the end result will likely be a full yard sale and full pockets!


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