Virtual Assistant Services for Solopreneurers

Do you work from your mobile office?

Do you lack organization to efficiently access what you need to make the sale?

Do you simply want to market and meet customers?

Do you dread handling the administrative details you know must be done?

Structured Chaos can help! Invest in administrative support so you can focus on what you do best. Hire a professional organizer and productivity consultant to assist you. Together we can free you to grow it as you dream it can be.

A VA (virtual assistant) is someone you hire to handle a variety of tasks that can be done remotely.

The advantages are:

  • no overhead costs for hiring this person,
  • you pay for what you need and no more, and
  • they take on the tasks that keep you from working your business.


Interested in growing your business? Feel held back by having to tend to “back-end”, tedious tasks? Consider hiring a VA!

Outsource something small to see the benefits and to develop a relationship. Once you are more comfortable, try another project. It is truly a process!

Mobile businesses need the most flexibility. These include direct marketing sales such as Mary Kay Independent Consultants, insurance sales and realtors. Structured Chaos will organize your files in a way that ensures you are always prepared to make a sale and will provide the administrative support necessary to grow your business.