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Posted on February 16, 2012 by Tanya

So many of us now use our vehicles for more than an occasional drive. We transport our children to school, games, clubs; we travel for our own work; and, we take vacations in our vehicles.

One way to make all of these activities less stressful is to be prepared for many needs that may arise. Here are a few things I keep in my glove compartment and/or console that make my travels more productive:

  • Paper and pen – for taking down mileage or quick notes (not while driving!)
  • Scissors – to cut off tags from new purchases or strings off clothes
  • Lint roller – perfect to get those hairs and fuzz off your clothes
  • Wipes and napkins – to clean up spilled drinks and wipe hands off after pumping gas
  • Extra pair of sunglasses – someone always needs these, especially the driver
  • Umbrella – don’t get caught without one!
  • Trash bag – keep one in your car (front and back) to make it easy for everyone to use
  • Bag – to collect all those things you really need to take into the house
  • Crate for trunk – store first aid kit, shopping bags, items to return to town, dry cleaning…

Make it a habit to keep these items accessible to reduce your stress while traveling! Just another idea to help you with

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