Organizing Your Mail — Snail and Digital

Posted on February 11, 2012 by Tanya

Here is a simple way to make sure you handle your mail as it comes in. In other words, this is how you can stay organized with all that paper that comes into your house every day.

Snail Mail

  • Keep a plastic grocery bag on a door handle where it is easy to fill with recyclables
  • As you come in the house immediately put all junk mail in the recycle bag
  • Open all bills and recycle the envelopes and any inserts
  • Shred any inserts with personal information
  • Put only the bill with the envelope in one stack
  • Put a return address label and stamp on each envelope
  • Write the due date on the envelope next to the stamp


Digital Mail

  • As emails come in, immediately delete any junk emails or chain emails
  • If you know you don’t want to receive any, go ahead and unsubscribe
  • Create mail box folders to store emails you want to keep for reference later
  • Create folders for incoming mail so it is automatically “filed”
  • Answer any emails you can do so quickly and delete from your In box


These processes are easy to do and a must if you are going to get and remain organized. The habit of sorting this way will come in time; soon you will realize how much simpler your bill paying becomes and how much cleaner your counter becomes.

Opt out of mail by registering with:

Direct Marketing Association at or Consumer Credit Report Industry at










Call your card issuers and ask to stop sending junk mail and inserts.

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