Organizing the Organized

Posted on June 17, 2014 by Tanya

Meals and Memories

My Mom is very organized and maintains her kitchen as a well stocked source for the delicious products she develops and delivers. And as a Depression-era survivor, she always has lots of extras ready. It is rare that we want to bake or cook something for which she does not have all the ingredients. Her challenges are that she is rather short (incredibly cute at 5′), she is blind in one eye, and she has just one pantry with immovable shelves. It is imperative that she utilize the space sensibly and maximize access.

2014-05-17 Mom's Pantry Before

I had an extra canned goods rack I thought she would appreciate. So, I began pulling out all her cans she had just recently re-organized by categories and fought off her protests with promises of putting them back in essentially the same order. This canned goods rack allows for a three tier stack of cans with a slight incline so you can see what you have with the cans rolling forward.

2014-05-17 Mom' Pantry After


Now she has fewer cans stacked up and more cans where she can see them better. All the fruits are on the left and the ethnic foods on the right. “I DO like the can rack. It helps simplify the pantry some more. I probably would not have gotten that, so thanks a bunch!!”

What could be a better or more tasty endorsement?


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