Organized Hoarder – for Real!

Posted on June 12, 2014 by Tanya

Organized Hoarder

Last year I wrote a blog post about my Dad’s workshop. It essentially takes up the full two car garage, and therefore there is no room for my Mom to park her car. She is OK with this because the workshop is so important for my Dad. This does not mean that there is to work to do. My Dad is truly an “organized hoarder”. Yes, you read that right! He is highly organized, but hoards items he “may need one day”.

Link to first blog post about his Garage Organization.

As a product of the 30s and a Depression Era survivor and thriver, he is like many others who feels that throwing away things is a waste. We can always re-use and re-purpose items. He was ready to better manage his space, time, and energy. This is where I came in!

Here is a picture of his garage-based woodworking workshop before:

2014-05-18 Desk Area Before











The workshop before was overrun with too much stuff. My Dad has a place for everything and yet he was not utilizing the space well because of the volume of stuff.  To know how to re-work the space, I needed to have him tell me what he needed the space to do for him. His heart is in woodworking, specifically using a lathe and making wooden bowls. So, that was the basis for prioritizing his work areas.

We got rid of the extras (glass jars, plastic containers) and collected all like-minded items (all paperclips, pens, pencils, scissors, rope, string, tape…). The extra items were sent to the recycle bin or trash can and the others were stored together, all in one place. He now has a clean area in which to work:

2014-05-18 Desk Area After

Though only part of his workshop, getting this much cleaned out and putting all his supplies within reach and easy to find has made his shop much more functional and enjoyable! He even text me to say, “my shop feels ready, fresh and clean. My shop is great! Thanks to you.” What more could a daughter-organizer ask for?

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