Organize with a Bondi!

Posted on March 11, 2014 by Tanya

So have you heard about Bondi? It is a nifty new way to hang on to your mobile phone and be cool about it too!

Here it is on an iPhone:


Bondi - Blue holding Phone

Or, you can use it to keep a book open:

Bondi - Green holding Book


Or, use it to keep your phone handy in the car:

Bondi - Yellow in Car

What I like is that I really cannot lose it in my bag and it easily props itself in a few positions so I can best see my phone without a glare on it:

Bondi - White next to Keyboard’s just cute and functional!!

Structured Chaos is now an approved distributor and is authorized to sell them for less than you can purchase online. I do not charge shipping and handling (if local to eastern NC) and tax is figured into the flat $13 price. If you would like one today, just email!

Bondi can help you with managing your time in your office, while you cook, exercise, drive, work or just play!



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