Needed for All: Advance Directives!

Posted on June 3, 2014 by Tanya

It has been a month since National Healthcare Decisions Day – a national movement to encourage people to take personal responsibility for completing their advance directives (healthcare powers of attorney, living will…). We all know that we will not get out of this life alive. I don’t mean to sound negative or morose, just realistic. We really need to plan a little better and here is some help to start.


Many people will spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars to pay an attorney to draft legal documents like a will, powers of attorney and so forth, and an accountant to complete taxes. None of this is really very good if we don’t have these documents in a format others can get to when they are needed. And, this is not something just older people should do. Regardless of our age, we are all susceptible to the unknown. Once you commit to making your plans, you can then move forward with living your life.


Consider using my new system, The HAINES System™. It is named after my GG who died in November at the age of 93. GG was a highly organized man who had only a few files of paper for us to sort through. That is it! He had everything completed and filed so that when he died, my Mother had only to follow the paperwork. This was a tremendous gift for her and the rest of our family. The immediate aftermath of dealing with all the emotions of someone’s death is powerful and can be overwhelming. He gave us the ultimate gift of peace.


The HAINES System™ is named for GG as he and his death truly did inspire my sister, Julie, and I to put this workbook together. We want others to benefit from his legacy. Haines was his middle name and we use it as HAINES – Having All Important Notes Executed and Secured. We guide you through the process of gathering all the information and documents you need to consider should something happen to you. This allows your loved ones the opportunity to truly deal with your illness or death and not to be concerned about calling the credit card companies or searching for your marriage certificate or wondering if you really did want life support. You will already have this compiled for them.


Share your thoughts on this idea as well as your suggestions to make the process easier. Thanks for reading and considering what your legacy will be!


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