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Posted on May 29, 2014 by Tanya

Now that most everyone has either a smartphone or an iPad, apps are a great way to help you keep track of things and stay organized without feeling overwhelmed. When it comes to your medical needs, this can be incredibly powerful; especially if you are caring for aging parents or others. Here are some I found that may be of use to you:

MedTracker App Logo  MedTracker

MedCoach App Logo  MedCoach Medication Tracker App

MyMedSchedule  MyMedSchedule

My Meds App AMA  MyMedications by the AMA

AMCC Logo  AMCC – iPhone and Android. The AMCC Rx Sites app allows users to find a permanent Rx drug collection site(s) in order to drop off unwanted, unused, and expired medicine safely and securely. Search for locations by zip code or GPS.

Walgreens Pharmacy – prescription refill reminders via text or email

Walmart Pharmacy – refill or transfer online

Target Pharmacy – prescription refills completed online

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