Managing Your Holiday Time

Posted on December 6, 2012 by Tanya

For most of us, the holidays have become a time of insanity, chaos, and stress. We are running from one party to another, one event to another, spending money we don’t have and then worrying about the bills that will arrive in January, decorating, but knowing it will all come down in a matter of weeks and in the middle of all of this, we still have our “regular” lives to attend to.

How do you manage  your time at this most festive time of the year? Here are just a few suggestions that might help get you through to 2013:

1 – Commit only to those things you can comfortably attend or pay for. If you can only go for an hour, then do just that and no more. If you cannot afford to participate in an event, send polite regrets and move on. No one can go to everything and most cannot spend that much money or time anyway. Don’t let others fool you!

2 – Schedule in some time for the events you can and want to attend. Know that your schedule will be a little more harried during these holiday weeks, but they will be over soon enough.

3 – Set a budget or amount you are able to spend this year and let it be what it is. Only you know what you are spending.

Be OK with NOT doing it all. Do what you are comfortable with and enjoy what you do commit to. This is a time to reflect on the past year, be with family and friends, indulge a little, and have some fun!

So, go forth and be happy today with the decisions you make for tomorrow! Ring in 2013 with a vow to yourself to be OK with your decisions – and YOU!


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