Keep Papers Organized — Really??

Posted on January 6, 2012 by Tanya

Thanks to Balaoing Ventures, LLC for asking what products work best for keeping home/business papers organized. So my answer is easy — it depends!

  • First you must look at what you have:
  1. Do you have a ton of papers or just a few?
  2. Do you want them on your computer or in a paper file?
  3. Do you have a special place to house your files or limited space?
  4. Do you have a method to sorting the trash from the shreds from the keeps?

Once you know what you have, then you need to decide what kind of system works for you. Just because it works for me, does not mean it will work for you.

  • You have to devise and USE a sorting system. For example, when your mail arrives immediately sort through it. With a very quick glance you can decide if it is:
  1. A keeper – bills, letters, appointment reminder cards…   OR
  2. A goner – junk mail, solicitations
  • Then, open up all the envelopes and put the empty envelopes and other junk inserts in a bag to go in your recycle bin. The rest will either be put in a shred basket/box or on your desk to pay or respond to later. This keeps the extra paper and junk away from your desk and allows you to handle something rather efficiently!
  • If you have a small file cabinet, you can use simple file folders with labels. Nothing beats the tried and true manila file folders – plus they come in many different styles (box bottom, folder or sleeve style, and just plain ole regular file style).

You can write on the tabs and if you need to change the label, you can fold the file folder in reverse and have a clean tab. I prefer using the simple and inexpensive Brother P-touch label maker. Using these labels keeps the files much neater and easier to locate when you need them. Plus, you will look and feel more organized!


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