Retire the Worry, Not Your Life!™

For those planning to retire and those making the transition, we are the premiere provider for specialized organizing and productivity services that ensures professional, private and proven strategies to help with daily life management to reduce worry, minimize risk and enhance quality of life.

Have you:

  • invested in an attorney to ensure your advance directives are properly documented?
  • invested in an accountant to ensure your financial investments are properly documented?
  • provided the contact information for all our accounts, bills, and professional advisors?
  • recorded all the website logins, passwords, and other related information to a trusted person?


If you have taken the time and money to do prepare your important documents, you must also take the next step and invest in their security. Those you name to handle your affairs when you are no longer able to do so need to know where to find everything and how to access it.

Perhaps more importantly, the person you have named to access this information on your behalf does not need to worry if they are doing what you wanted in the way you wanted at a time they can no longer ask you. Rather, by having it all prepared for them, you leave a legacy of respect and consideration. They can focus on handling your affairs and also grieving your loss.

Structured Chaos can help you with these matters as well as helping you to organize your life’s work and memories so you can truly Retire the Worry, Not Your Life!™