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Posted on January 14, 2013 by Tanya

 Grocery IQ – FREE – This is my go-to app for grocery shopping. With this app, you can scan barcodes or type in what you want listed, arrange your list by aisles for your favorite store, and email your list to others to shop for you! It is easy to add items on the phone app or get your basic list added in on your computer to then sync with your phone. As you purchase the items, you tap the list and it removes it so all you have left are those items you have not yet purchased. I always begin my weekly shopping trip by pulling up this list and tapping on all those basic items I always need to buy. There is another feature that would be great if it worked in my area – “Savings card” where you can add store coupons to your list and they will automatically be counted when the store rings up your savings card.

 Better Homes and Gardens Recipe – FREE – This is a helpful, easy to use app with other 500 recipes to choose from all the basic cooking categories (breads, desserts, grilling, main dish…). You can search for recipes based on the amount of cooking time or topic, including “5 Ingredients or Less”. And for those who are more adventuresome, there are “How-To Secrets” for cooking all the basics.

 Real Simple – No Time to Cook – FREE – This is an awesome app allowing you to select the category of food (poultry, beef, pork, pasta, vegetarian…) and the amount of time you have (20, 30 or 40 minutes). It will pull up a lot of recipes from which to choose. If nothing else, it should give you an idea of what to prepare!

Omaha Steaks – FREE – Need to know how long to grill that steak? Check out this app! It provides you with grill time for the cut of meat you have, a steak 101, Recipes and more. And there is always a featured recipe. If that picture does not get your whistle whetted for a slab of beef, I don’t know what will! And, of course, you can shop Omaha Steaks directly from your phone!

And for the coffee lovers…

 Starbucks – FREE – This app lets you find Starbucks near you (based on whether they are drive-throughs only, have wireless, serve food, accept mobile payment and more). You can load your Starbucks card from your computer and then pay from your phone. Of course, to do this you must set up an account. But that’s a small price to pay to get that frappuccino or latte just like you want it!

 Dunkin’ Donuts – FREE – Similar to the Starbucks app, this one lets you pay from your phone, clip offers, find stores and more. You can find a store near you and it will automatically tell you where it is and what it has to offer (drive thru, wifi, directions, hours, phone number and more). You can easily purchase a gift card and have it text, emailed or sent via Facebook. You clearly get a lot along with that cup o Joe!

Enjoy these apps as you enjoy the food they are meant to connect you with. If you need a quick pick me up cup of coffee or are planning dinner for your family, these apps strive to make it all easier and less stressful. And that is a winning combination for me!


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