The HAINES System™️ – Legal Documents

Posted on April 6, 2017 by Tanya

No one really likes to organize their paperwork, much less consider legal documents. But, once you have a handle on what you have, what you still need and where to find the papers, it will provide you with great relief.

When we think of legal documents, consider these: trusts, will, powers of attorney, funeral plans…Though not the easiest matters to discuss or to consider, it is essential you have these in place before you need them. Use The HAINES System™️ as your guide for getting these papers gathered, organized and maintained.

Next are Financial Documents. These can also be a bit overwhelming to consider, especially if your finances are not in great shape. However, consider the peace of mind knowing that you have all of your papers together, filed and in a place where others can access them on your behalf. This will include account information, how you pay your bills, who your contacts are and so on.


The HAINES System™️ – Household Documents

Posted on March 3, 2017 by Tanya

This second section is for Household Documents. It includes all the paperwork needed for your home – insurance policies, vehicle information, utilities, memberships and so forth. As with the first section, there is a comprehensive form to use listing all the possible documents you may have or need to have access to. There is also space to record other vital details you would like noted. This could be contact information for your insurance agent or property details (primary home, secondary home, vacation home, rentals…).

If you think about it, do you know right off where all of these documents are? Do you have the most current versions? Is your agent still the same person with the same contact information or have they left the business? Do you have an inventory of your household goods, including all of your technology? This worksheet will help ensure you can answer these questions as you need.

The next section will be for Legal Documents.

How to (finally) organize your life!

Posted on January 5, 2017 by Tanya

After years in the works, I have officially launched The HAINES System™️. This binder is THE blueprint for organizing your personal papers and will guide you through the process of gathering, organizing and maintaining your important documents.

It is divided into five sections to make organizing easy:

          1. Personal
          2. Household
          3. Legal
          4. Financial
          5. Medical


What this binder does is what we typically cannot (or will not) do on our own. It guides you through the process of gathering, organizing and maintaining your personal documents. We all have lots of paperwork but few have them organized. Could you find what you need in an emergency? Would your spouse or other loved ones be able to gain access to your bills or advance directives if you were unable to tell them how?

I am honoring the launch of The HAINES System™️ by sharing some tips to organize your life and getting your papers organized. Begin the year with peace of mind! So, even if you don’t know where to start or tend to procrastinate, go through this process with me and together, we will get you on the right, organized path.

Always remember, if you do not want these tips that will help you get your life organized or you already have what you need in the way you and your loved ones need, feel free to unsubscribe below. I hope you will find value in these posts – for you or someone else.

 Here is your first tip when it comes to getting your papers organized. As you have papers come into your house, immediately pull out what can be recycled/trashed, what should be shredded and only keep what you actually need. For example, when you get your monthly mortgage statement (if you still receive it in the mail), take out the extra papers they include and put them in the recycle bin with the outer envelope and the envelope to mail your check back if you pay online. Then, you have only the statement itself to keep. File it in a file folder labeled for the year. Every paper you get through the year that you may need to retain for tax purposes, put in this file. I keep a file box where we process our mail. This way, it is very easy to do the steps above as the yearly tax file folder is in this box. It does not get put aside and likely lost or cluttering up other areas of your house.

 Next month, I will provide a breakdown of the first section in the binder, the Personal section. The papers we need to have accessible (social security card, passwords, insurance records, veterinarian details) and information we need to have written down for our loved ones (employer’s contact information and children’s schools in the event of an emergency), plus a lot more!


Calculate YOUR Chaos – What is the Cost?

Posted on August 11, 2014 by Tanya

Are You Ready to Die?

Posted on July 16, 2014 by Tanya

I realize this is a difficult question to hear much less to think about, but it IS a reality. The unfortunate thing is no one plans for it. Truthfully, it will not affect us. We will be dead. It is our loved ones who will have to deal with all the repercussions of our unwillingness to face the obvious.

This became so clear to me as I was going through my parent’s things with my Mom. Thankfully, she is highly organized! I asked her to show me where things are kept – wills, powers of attorney, extra checks, log in information, statements, keys… Since she handles all this for her and my Dad, if something happened to her first, he would not know where these things are. My sisters and I will need to step in to help him.

The conversation is not easy to initiate, but wow what a great feeling it is to have and it. I know where my Mom keeps all their important papers and how to access her accounts when needed. The last thing I care to be concerned about when she is either ill or dying is how to pay her cable bill. I want to spend that time caring for her and loving on her. And, I want to feel free to enjoy both my parents for as long as I can.

Thanks to my Mom, my sisters and I can do just this. What an amazing a selfless gift she has given us! Now, that is true love.

Nine months from today is National Healthcare Decisions Day. This day, April 16th, is about having these conversations and getting your advance directives completed. Consider marking your calendar for an event near you.

Once you complete your advance directives, plan to get all your other important papers together for your loved ones by using The HAINES System™ This is a simple yet comprehensive system to guide you through collecting all your important documents and detailed information associated with them in one place. You can then tell your family, friends, professionals that you have completed your system and it is all easy to see and follow. It takes the worry out of the process.

Retire the Worry, Not Your Life!™

Alzheimer’s Disease – Prepare Now

Posted on July 3, 2014 by Tanya

The Center for Outreach in Alzheimer’s, Aging and Community Health is looking toward our future. With the aging Baby Boomer’s there will be a “silver tsunami” coming. Through a grant from Merck, NC A&T State University’s College of Arts and Sciences is working to address the concerns about this debilitating and devastating disease through education, advocacy, and research.


Alz Warning Signs     Alz Warning Signs P2

It is important that we all complete our advance directives before we need them. My Grandmother died with Alzheimer’s and I am so glad she had our GG to care for her and she had her paperwork completed. This allowed us all to focus on her care, loving her, supporting GG, and then grieving her when she died. It was a wonderful gift for my Mom and the rest of us.

Visit the National Healthcare Decisions Day website for ideas on how to start this conversation with those you love.

Visit The HAINES System on my website for help with gathering, organizing, and maintaining your documents or call (252) 665-3424.

Perfect Pantry – Almost!

Posted on July 1, 2014 by Tanya

Perfect Pantry

My Mom and I decided that since I managed to get my Dad’s workshop under control (see Organized Hoarder – for Real!), we would work on her pantry (see Organizing the Organized). Though neither needed a lot, the point is that they both needed some help. They are both highly organized people in all aspects of their lives, but even they benefited from having someone else (even their daughter) look at their projects with a different eye.

Even we organizers look for others to help us out. We are constantly learning from others and working to improve our businesses, client satisfaction, and yes, even our personal lives. But, it does not have to be a perfect solution. It just needs to be a solution for you!

I think people often look at an endeavor or project or need as an all or nothing. Either “I have to do it and do it just right” or “I need to find the time first”. We have all said these things and felt this stress. What we need to do is give ourselves a break and allow things to not be perfect, but perfect for us.

So start with something small. I often encourage people to just pick ONE drawer in ONE room and start with that. If you only clear out some trash, some papers, some re-arranging, that is more than you had done before and it is a start. When you next look in that drawer you will be reminded that you really can do it – and be happy with your efforts!

What are you going to do next? What can you do to clear the clutter from your home, office, life, mind, body? Go for it!!!

A Life – Retired!

Posted on June 24, 2014 by Tanya

“I want to live in a world where people can enjoy each other and not worry about paperwork, so I created The HAINES System™”. My sister and I together organized a comprehensive system in a simple format that guides people through the process of gathering and organizing their important papers. This is something we all must take seriously and complete, though most do not.

No one wants to think about or talk about illness or death, but the reality is that life happens! So, let’s be as prepared as possible for this and then relax knowing it is done.

THS Logo Small

The HAINES System™ refers to Having All Important Notes Executed and Secured. Everyone needs a Will, Durable/Financial Power of Attorney, Healthcare Power of Attorney, and a Living Will completed and those named in the documents need to know they are named. We guide you through the collection of your personal, household, legal, financial, and medical documents. If you don’t know how to begin the process, check out our free download here.

If you are interested in purchasing the system, please be sure to contact me! I would love to help you Retire the Worry, Not Your Life!™

Organizing the Organized

Posted on June 17, 2014 by Tanya

Meals and Memories

My Mom is very organized and maintains her kitchen as a well stocked source for the delicious products she develops and delivers. And as a Depression-era survivor, she always has lots of extras ready. It is rare that we want to bake or cook something for which she does not have all the ingredients. Her challenges are that she is rather short (incredibly cute at 5′), she is blind in one eye, and she has just one pantry with immovable shelves. It is imperative that she utilize the space sensibly and maximize access.

2014-05-17 Mom's Pantry Before

I had an extra canned goods rack I thought she would appreciate. So, I began pulling out all her cans she had just recently re-organized by categories and fought off her protests with promises of putting them back in essentially the same order. This canned goods rack allows for a three tier stack of cans with a slight incline so you can see what you have with the cans rolling forward.

2014-05-17 Mom' Pantry After


Now she has fewer cans stacked up and more cans where she can see them better. All the fruits are on the left and the ethnic foods on the right. “I DO like the can rack. It helps simplify the pantry some more. I probably would not have gotten that, so thanks a bunch!!”

What could be a better or more tasty endorsement?

Organized Hoarder – for Real!

Posted on June 12, 2014 by Tanya

Organized Hoarder

Last year I wrote a blog post about my Dad’s workshop. It essentially takes up the full two car garage, and therefore there is no room for my Mom to park her car. She is OK with this because the workshop is so important for my Dad. This does not mean that there is to work to do. My Dad is truly an “organized hoarder”. Yes, you read that right! He is highly organized, but hoards items he “may need one day”.

Link to first blog post about his Garage Organization.

As a product of the 30s and a Depression Era survivor and thriver, he is like many others who feels that throwing away things is a waste. We can always re-use and re-purpose items. He was ready to better manage his space, time, and energy. This is where I came in!

Here is a picture of his garage-based woodworking workshop before:

2014-05-18 Desk Area Before











The workshop before was overrun with too much stuff. My Dad has a place for everything and yet he was not utilizing the space well because of the volume of stuff.  To know how to re-work the space, I needed to have him tell me what he needed the space to do for him. His heart is in woodworking, specifically using a lathe and making wooden bowls. So, that was the basis for prioritizing his work areas.

We got rid of the extras (glass jars, plastic containers) and collected all like-minded items (all paperclips, pens, pencils, scissors, rope, string, tape…). The extra items were sent to the recycle bin or trash can and the others were stored together, all in one place. He now has a clean area in which to work:

2014-05-18 Desk Area After

Though only part of his workshop, getting this much cleaned out and putting all his supplies within reach and easy to find has made his shop much more functional and enjoyable! He even text me to say, “my shop feels ready, fresh and clean. My shop is great! Thanks to you.” What more could a daughter-organizer ask for?

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