Calendar Organization — Paper or Digital?

Posted on February 13, 2012 by Tanya

We all need a calendar of some sort to keep our lives organized. Whether it is doctor’s appointments, scheduled holidays or meetings, we need a way to manage the information. Many of us have moved from paper calendars to digital calendars. Others cannot seem to let go of the paper form, and perhaps with good reason.

Paper calendars are tangible; we can feel them, see them and they cannot just delete information as a computer might do. Also, they are great for using stickers as reminders or appointment “cards”; you can paper clip other papers to the calendar and many include places for notes, addresses and even pockets to put papers, pens, and clips. These paper calendars can be quite functional and if you are a visual person, being able to see the day, week or month at a glance may be just what you need.

Paper calendar and bright tape to organize your weeks & months. From the Take Two They’re Small blog.

Digital calendars are fabulous, too! They are easy to integrate into your smart phone and will remind you of upcoming events. If you are one who uses webinars or has conference calls, digital calendars are great for linking back to the original email invitation where the link and information is stored. Also, from these email invitations, you can directly add the appointment to your calendar with just a few clicks.

Chalkboard Wall Calendar from Martha Stewart

Chalkboard Wall Calendar from Martha Stewart (click image for source)

Regardless of what system seems to work best for you, find one that fits your life, your style and you will use. If paper is still more comfortable, don’t try to go digital. Do what works for you and you will use. Otherwise, there is no purpose in keeping any calendar at all.

Any calendar will help you with getting your ducks in a row.

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