Apps Alike — or Not?

Posted on January 17, 2012 by Tanya

So I said I would review these apps — “10 Must Have Apps for Moms (and 5 Guilty Pleasures)”. I have some of them on my iPhone and to those I can speak with my very limited authority. Here goes:

FacebookTwitter and Pinterest — of course these are great! They work very well meaning they are easy to start and once you are logged in, they come up quickly and they are easy to use from your smartphone. I must say, I switched to Hootsuite for managing my posts because that app is as good or better than the laptop version. These are must have apps if you are into social media at all.

FBI Child ID – if you have children under the teenage years, this is incredible! What I like is that it is one easy place to store a picture and details about your child(ren) with easy links to get the information to authorities should something happen. This is one app I hope you never use.

Wunderlist – If you don’t have a task or list program already, this one is very simple to use. I set it up online and can now access it from my iPhone. However, I have a task list I can use already in iMail (or many of you have it in Outlook).


MomMaps and SitOrSquat are awesome! The first one will tell you where there are kid-friendly restaurants, playgrounds and such based upon where you are located. The second one tells you where there are nearby bathrooms. You can also have it just tell you where there are changing tables or you can add your favorite gas station chain to the list. (Plus the picture of the people dancing because they have to go is too funny!)

Real Simple’s NoTimetoCook app is really quite ingenious. You click on what meat you have on hand or want to fix and then how much time you have. It will immediately give you lots of recipes. Then, when you find one you like, you just tap to add the ingredients to your shopping list. There they are sorted according to the grocery aisles. Simply amazing!

The key is utilizing any app is to use what you have, keep it updated and make sure it is convenient for you! There are so many more I love and would love to check out, but this is a great start.

Let me know what apps you have and use or which apps you want tested for you. I will blog the results right here. So, go forth and start getting your ducks in a row with an app or two!

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