Words from Others

Structured Chaos can fill a large variety of needs for your small business or virtual assisting needs. Tanya P. Roberts is organized and talented-has filled so many needs for my business! Highly recommend.

– Kelly Michaud, Solid Rock Accounting


Tanya always does a great job helping me organize my thoughts and turning them into actions. Her latest project was to streamline my policies and procedures – something I had been working on for a year. Now they are published on my scheduling system for my existing clients and in a document for my new clients. Whew! Feels so good to complete this task. Thanks Tanya!

– Jeanne Crockett, Crockett’s Critter Care


I have known Tanya since 2011 when she was the board president for NASW-NC. Her incredible organizational and leadership skills helped to develop an engaged and active volunteer board of directors. She definitely helped to advance the mission of our organization: to promote and protect the profession of social work in North Carolina. For the last 5 years, I have always been able to turn to Tanya for feedback and editing advice for our association documents. Even after 5 people have reviewed our chapter newsletter, she will find significant edits before I send to the printer for publication. Her expertise and attention to detail have been invaluable to our ability to communicate to our membership.

– Valerie Arendt, MSW, MPP, NASW-NC


Tanya Roberts brings a comforting hand to chaos. She carefully uncovers your individual clutter challenges and then gently guides you to your personal solutions. Her laser focus quickly assesses the situation and sets you on the path to success while her patience and humor help smooth the way. Tanya is the person to call when the papers are creeping up on you and time is slipping through your fingers. She will tame your paper tiger and get you back on the clock with a smile and tons of encouragement.  Tanya is my go-to person for goal setting and goal achievement!

– Jane H. Maulucci, The Reactive Voice


“Tanya is very organized and efficient. She assisted me in setting up a system to organize and maintain multiple files so that I was able to easily and quickly retrieve what I needed.”

– Gloria


“I can honestly say that at the end of our time together, it was more than worth it for what I was able to accomplish with her savy assistance! You’ll let go of more…and feel great about it! Let Tanya bring some much needed Structure to your Chaos. It will be money well spent!”

– Leann


“Tanya was efficient and helped keep me on task in a kind, professional way. The areas that I needed some motivation to make a decision she was right there asking all the right questions. Because of my systems I am much more efficient. Thank you Structured Chaos.”

– Kelly


“Worth every cent!”

– Laura


“Structured Chaos provided professional and personal support to me during a huge transition in my life. Thank you for helping me move forward! I appreciated Tanya’s social work background, as I worked through difficult losses from the past that needed to be dealt with in order to let go of the old in order to walk into the new. I heartily and sincerely recommend her services if you’re going through any major life change or are just trying to get organized!”

– Anonymous


“I love the idea (portable file) and files labeled with items necessary to organize my day-to-day activities – immediate attraction was the file itself, so attractive and would compliment my Mary Kay career. I am now organized when I dash out the door whether traveling or customer contact. It is easy to carry and it just makes me smile. I must confess, the opportunity to share hasn’t presented itself; however, am “armed and ready!”

– Jean Butler Bender, Mary Kay Independent Consultant


“Where do I begin with how wonderful the mobile office is? First off, my Mary Kay mobile office has everything I need in order to stay on top of what my customer needs. Secondly, the file box is professional and will keep the contents of my sales tickets, hostess packets and any other Mary Kay information at my fingertips. I can always be confident that I can meet the needs of my customers as well as the organization that it provides me when I have my mobile office with me.”

 – Marcia Johndrow, Mary Kay Independent Consultant
mardrow@hotmail.com and/or 252-670-3231


“I love having my mobile filing system with me at all times! At a moments notice I can put my hands on important materials and the box system keeps everything clean and professional. I am grateful that I have Tanya Roberts, Structured Chaos, helping me to stay focused on the most important priority – my customers and team members. Thank you again Tanya! ”

 – Mary Ann LeRay, www.maryannleray.com
maleray1@gmail.com / (252) 671-7815


“As I began to lose my sight, I realized that I needed assistance with my daily money management. Upon the recommendation of a mutual friend, I hired Tanya to help me on a monthly basis. After several months, it was clear that I could trust and depend on her to help me with other daily needs. She now comes at least once a week to assist me with my mail, bills, and banking as well as helping me with computer and email issues. These are things that I am no longer able to do for myself and having someone I can truly rely on has been a real blessing. I encourage others who don’t have family near them and need some assistance with daily tasks requiring organization and productivity to hire Tanya. She will be a delightful support and provide great comfort to you and your family – know things are taken care of and reduce your risks. I highly recommend her!”

 – Doris Pade, McCarthy Court Resident


“Tanya was a pleasure to work with. Kept me on track and motivated and got A LOT done in a short amount of time. Will definitely use her again!”

Laura Underhill Norment


“Truly and eight hour miracle. Tanya stepped into our life for one day and the results are amazing! First was the level of detail she brought to our archaic (actually non-existent) filing system. By mid-morning she had created a system with labeled hanging folders and an easy rouse index for Jude’s files…And we got rid of all the junk around our office area, found homes for some, dumped the rest…Tanya did an outstanding job of educating us and heaping us make sense of our filing and our customer contact systems. Not only will this increase productivity, but perhaps the biggest outcome will be a decrease in stress and a clutter free work place…We would happily recommend her system and services to anyone needing to better organize their office, or their home”

Brian and Jude Dodds
 – Brian Dodds (and Jude), www.thejbdteam.com


“How wonderful it is when you can find things in your office and actually see your desk!  Thanks to Tanya I can now do both!  Wonder how much time I save not hunting for things any more? ”

– Julie P. Brown, The Produce Box, Area Manager


“Tanya is a wonderful organizer, community advocate and social media expert! We have been partners and colleagues for over three years working to improve local communities throughout North Carolina. She is also a professional and expert in the field of social work and undertakes every task with great efficiency, kindness, and compassion.”

– Anne Hardison, Partner/Owner, Hardison & Roberts


“Structured Chaos came into my business, helped organize & helped clean out old files. Since Tanya was here, my office runs smoother & I am mindful to get rid of unnecessary paperwork.  I highly recommend her services as she is a gift of lending support to a business without judgment or criticism.”

Thea Kincaid
– Thea Kincaid, Owner, Thea’s Ideas


“What an inspirational and motivating experience! Having Tanya provide her professional organizing services in my office and home has helped me stay more organized, more productive and stress-free. I found things I didn’t know I had, and I now know where things in my office and home belong so that I can put it back without letting it pile up on my counters or desk. No more clutter areas! Tanya provided great suggestions for how to organize paperwork. She also helped motivate me to sell, recycle, donate or throw away things I really didn’t need, but held onto just because. I would highly recommend the services of Structured Chaos.”

– Nina Randone, Owner, Nina Randone Graphic Designs