Tally Your Time

Posted on May 2, 2013 by Tanya

Clock with MoneyThis year started out as the last ended – full of a lot of great activities, but clearly too much. It was finally apparent that something had to give and it was up to me to make those decisions. And I did. In one evening I resigned from a national, state and local board, from two local groups I had been attending monthly meetings for and began to formulate how to transfer two other activities in the upcoming year.

It was time that I tallied my time and where it was going or not allowing me to go. First I assessed what were the activities or meetings I could only connect to work in a tangential way and I crossed them off my list and emailed my regrets. Then, I looked at those things I feel strongly about but could easily and more appropriately be handled by others and I began to communicate my plans to others with plans made to transition. Finally, I made a commitment to myself to not take on more without first letting go of something else.

After all, time IS money and my time is worth something financially – and so is yours. Tally your time and better manage your time, your money and your life!