A Newspaper for Structured Chaos!

Posted on November 29, 2012 by Tanya

Thanks to a friend, I found this site and created a newspaper for Structured Chaos. It allows you to determine what content you want your readers to see. I selected all things relevant to getting and staying organized as well as managing your time. Here are a few:

For staying organized, there are posts from:

And for time management, there are posts from:

I have it set so the paper is updated daily and if you want to log on for your daily dose of order, please check it out and subscribe so you automatically get updates! If you know of other sites or people that should be included, email me at tanya@structuredchaos.biz.

Bookmark this new newspaper along with CNN and your local paper to begin your day informed and energized!


Desk Days!

Posted on November 26, 2012 by Tanya
  • Is your desk working against you?
  • Have you missed appointments because you could not find papers on your desk?
  • Is your desk too cluttered to find papers when your boss needs them?
  • Does the sight of your desk stress you out?


Then you may need a Desk Day!

Having a clear desk is essential not just to your own productivity but also to those around you. Even if your office works for you, it may be a distraction from the professional that you truly are. It does represent you and the work you provide others. So, take a look at your desk before:

  • paper everywhere?
  • cluttered bulletin boards?
  • no area to work?
  • undefined areas for files?


For a quick fix:

  • take all papers off bulletin boards and post it notes off work area, trashing old papers and notes
  • remove all papers and items that should be elsewhere and put them where they belong
  • stack all papers, then sort according to: current work, to be filed, and the trash/shredder
  • dust the entire work are and put back on top only those files you need to work with
  • all other papers should be filed and out of sight!


Once you have done this, check out the after:

With a little rearranging, a lot of dusting and sorting through the piles of paper, this desk area is now functional and ready to be used for work! A clear desk may be in the mind of the worker, but it will give you a sense of accomplishment and your boss a sense of security in your commitment to the job and your ability to handle more.

If doing this is a little too overwhelming for you, call on Structured Chaos! Clear away the clutter and reinforce your professionalism by having a work area to back you up.